Boris Wrubel - Test Automation with Selenium 

 May 9, 2023

Boris Wrubel is a test automation specialist. In the interview, we talked about the automation framework Selenium. From his project experience, Boris provides insights into the importance of Selenium, which programming languages can be used with it and gives tips on how to integrate test automation into a project. To support this, he also runs the opensource project "SeCuGrow". We talked about typical pitfalls with Selenium and how to avoid them. And, of course, about the exciting question of how the current developments in AI can affect test automation.

"Get started with less than one hour" - Boris Wrubel

Boris committed himself to software testing over 15 years ago, his focus is on test automation in agile projects. His professional experience ranges from large-scale projects in the banking and telecommunications industries to the municipal sector.

Topics in the podcast:

  •  What is Selenium?
  •  Different programming languages and their application
  •  Integration into the team
  •  SeCuGrow
  •  Typical pitfalls and how to avoid them
  •  AI in test automation

Contact Boris:

Boris' SeCuGrow

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