Test automation with Selenium - Boris Wrubel 

 May 9, 2023

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"Get started with less than one hour" - Boris Wrubel

Boris Wrubel is a test automation specialist. In the interview, we talked about the automation framework Selenium. From his project experience, Boris provides insights into the importance of Selenium, which programming languages can be used with it and gives tips on how to integrate test automation into a project. To support this, he also runs the opensource project "SeCuGrow". We talked about typical pitfalls with Selenium and how to avoid them. And, of course, about the exciting question of how the current developments in AI can affect test automation.

Boris committed himself to software testing over 15 years ago, his focus is on test automation in agile projects. His professional experience ranges from large-scale projects in the banking and telecommunications industries to the municipal sector.

Highlights in this episode:

  • Boris Rubel is an expert in test automation, especially in Selenium
  • Selenium is a framework for browser automation, not just test automation
  • There are many programming languages with which you can use Selenium, e.g. Java, Ruby, Python
  • The integration of Selenium into teams can be facilitated by using the same programming language as the product team
  • Boris has created an open source project called Seco Grow that makes it easier to get started with Selenium
  • The future of testing could be influenced by artificial intelligence, e.g. automated tests driven by AI


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Selenium: A key tool for test automation

TLDR: Discover the world of test automation with Selenium. In our latest podcast, I talk to Boris Wrubel, an expert in this field, about the basics and possible applications of Selenium, its integration into various teams and projects, and the future of test automation.

The importance of selenium

In our latest podcast episode, I sat down with Boris Rubel, an expert in test automation with over 15 years of experience. Our discussion focused on Selenium, a leading automation framework for web applications. Boris shares his insights on how Selenium helps organizations establish and evolve efficient test automation processes. Through his work on open source projects such as SeCuGrow, he demonstrates how Selenium can be quickly and efficiently integrated into your own projects.

What is Selenium?

One of the first questions raised in the podcast was about what Selenium actually is. Boris explains it as a kind of browser automation tool that is not exclusively a testing tool. However, the main use case is in the test automation of web applications. Selenium's universal compatibility with various browsers and programming languages makes it an indispensable tool in the software industry.

Integration of Selenium in teams

The integration of Selenium into development teams is a decisive factor for the success of test automation projects. Boris recommends using the product's programming language for automation testing to better engage developers. He also emphasizes the importance of a good reporting system and the page object pattern for efficient error identification and correction.

The future of test automation

Looking into the future of test automation, it is clear that artificial intelligence (AI) will play an increasingly important role. Boris sees great potential for AI-supported solutions, particularly in the area of visual testing. Such technologies could help to make automation tests even more efficient and precise.

The SeCuGrow open source project

Together with a colleague, Boris has launched the open source project SeCuGrow. The aim of this project is to make it as easy as possible to get started using Selenium - you should be able to start your first test within an hour. SeCuGrow provides an excellent basis for a quick start and is an example of how the community is actively working on solutions to further simplify access to Selenium.

Closing thoughts

To summarize, our conversation with Boris provided deep insights into the world of test automation with Selenium. From the basics to best practices and future perspectives, it became clear that Selenium is and remains a powerful tool in software development. It supports developers and testers alike in efficiently testing and further developing high-quality web applications.