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Keynote Speaker Digitalization Richard Seidl

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We live in a digitized society.
Therefore, the question today is no longer whether Digitalization is the future or not. The questions are rather:

  • How can we help shape this digital future?
  • In what way do we want to live and work?
  • How can we, as a company and society, use technology without leaving the people around us behind?

With which mindset can we look positively into the future?

Climate collapse, Ukraine war, inflation, fear of China or ChatGPT ...
In keynotes and talks, Richard inspires people to think in terms of possibilities. Because he is convinced that we overcome crises by thinking in terms of solutions instead of focusing on problems. And, by bringing two future drivers together: Technology & Empathy!

The world is more than complex: Metaverse, genome editing and AI are the future - pardon, the present! ChatGPT has abruptly shown where we stand. Some are fascinated, others are in shock.

Technological innovations are often disruptive breakthroughs: they replace existing things and force us to change habits.
Some are curious and open - others are overwhelmed, frustrated, afraid. But technology should be for us first and foremost!
A tool to create a future worth living.

"Digitalization - Deal with it!" - Richard Seidl

It is no longer a question of "Digitalization yes or no"! The question is: How do we want to live? What will companies, schools and public authorities look like in the future? How can the social and global challenges be mastered? But above all: With which mindset can we look positively into the future?

Richard Seidl explores these questions in his keynotes. As an entrepreneur, software expert and coach, he brings the worlds together on stage:

  • From practice: A mix of well-founded expertise and 20 years of practical experience instead of dry PowerPoint presentations
  • Entertaining: Complex technical topics are conveyed in an accessible and easy-to-understand manner.
  • Inspiring: Solutions that anyone can easily implement and that motivate┬á
Lecture speaker Digitalization Richard Seidl
"The Digitalization won't come - it's already here!" - Richard Seidl

The presentations are individually tailored to your event or industry and the current context. As a rule, the impulses are designed as keynotes with a length between 20 and 60 minutes. The keynotes can be held in German and English.

Richard's keynotes and presentations are characterized by an inspiring blend of professional expertise and personal competence. Therefore, they are suitable for a wide variety of events, such as congresses, workshops, conferences, customer events, bar camps or company celebrations. Participants and listeners included employees from OBI, Bayer, BASF, AUVA, Deutsche Bahn, Raiffeisen, IKEA, Volkswagen, Lufthansa, Freistaat Sachsen, OTTO, DATEV, Fraunhofer, Thales, VGH, FAW, Sparkasse, Motel One, Stadt Wien and many more.

Anyone who talks about Digitalization must also live it! Accordingly, in addition to face-to-face presentations, online or hybrid variants can of course also be booked. These can be streamed from our studio or at your location.

Whether online or in person: experience motivating impulses and entertaining further training together with your employees, managers, project teams, customers, network partners or friends.

Current keynotes

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Empathic. Practical. Courage.

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Keynote Speaker Digital Transformation Richard Seidl

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What participants and organizers say about Richard Seidl as keynote speaker

"Richard has already been a speaker at our congress several times and has thrilled his audience every time. No wonder - in times of Digitalization his presentations around Agile Coaching, new technologies and modern management methods are extremely valuable! An empathic, competent and captivating top speaker, whom I will be happy to welcome at our next summer congress at Schloss Zeilitzheim!"

Stephan Landsiedel

Landsiedel Seminars // Organizer

"In a sympathetically relaxed manner, Richard Seidl manages to flexibly balance professionalism and emotional depth in his presentation, depending on the context.
He inspires and motivates with his confident, open-minded and friendly charisma."

Katrin Brackmann

Artist // Participant

"Richard Seidl is a professional and likeable speaker, who inspired the approximately 100 listeners with his presentation. Through numerous practical anecdotes from his everyday professional life, he always elegantly built a bridge for those visitors for whom the topic of agility was still new territory. Even in the aftermath, there were only positive reactions. For our event, Richard was a real stroke of luck as a speaker."

Christian M├╝ller

proagile // Organizer

"Richie knows how to present even complex issues in an exciting and entertaining way. This makes the content easy to remember and integrate into everyday life."

Holger Stridde

DG-i // Participants

"Richard brings Silicon Valley to Germany"

Chris Ball

Lufthansa // Participants

"We were happy to have Richard Seidl come to Hamburg for a keynote at a software development conference. He impressed the participants with his presentation and provided many new impulses. When it comes to speaking or consulting services of any kind, Richard Seidl is at the top of my list."

Lukas Linke

OTTO Group // Organiser

"Primary contact for me on the subject of Digitalization! Richard has a unique approach to Digitalization. He combines his knowledge of technology and software with empathy and humanity. With this he manages to present complex topics in an understandable way and to show solutions you never thought of before. Whether as a speaker or coach, it's just fun to listen to him and exchange ideas with him."

Uwe Stengert

Tax consultant // Participant

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Richard Seidl

Why do I care to talk about Digitalization ?

I got my first computer as a toddler in the 1980s. Since then, I have been fascinated by the creative possibilities that this technology offered: All of a sudden I could implement and program my own ideas, create worlds by means of "multimedia", efficiently manage data in databases, and later participate in worldwide networking with modem and Internet. The playing field for cognitive, intellectual and creative processes was suddenly immensely expanded.
In my professional career over the past 20 years, I have experienced and seen a lot of what can be done with technology. But at its core, it remains a tool that should serve us as humans. It should help us to live our needs, to grow, to develop and to master our challenges with it. Because it is precisely with this combination of technology and humanity that we can create a fantastic future.

Unfortunately, however, today there is far too often a division into two camps: "Humans are insignificant," say the technocrats. From the other side it resounds: "The machines are our downfall".

Bringing these views together in our companies and our society is my vision. As a consultant and coach, I can actively shape this every day in my work. As a speaker, I want to share this idea. To inspire people to make technology work for them with curiosity and courage. And to grow with it and further develop their own humanity.