What does the future of testing look like?

What challenges does technological progress bring? How can software testers and test managers prepare for them? I asked industry experts, mentors and companions from the field of software testing and quality assurance about this.  

Interview with Tilo Linz

"Modeling the environment with Scenario Based Testing - this is how we will test autonomous vehicles and robots!" - Tilo Linz, CEO and co-founder of imbus AG

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Interview with Bettina Buchholz, Andreas Neumeister and Tom Kober

"AI will make it possible for test cases to learn for themselves whether and in what form they are needed, and what the needs of the user or the system under test are." - Bettina Buchholz, Strategic Lead for Quality Assurance & Test at DB Netz AG

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Interview with Florian Fieber

"Testing will be even better integrated with other development activities and become more and more established in the early phases of software development!" - Florian Fieber, Founder and Managing Director of QualityDojo IT-Consulting GmbH

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Armin Metzger Portrait

Interview with Armin Metzger

"Testing must be continuously further established as a prerequisite for project success in the agile teams and in the management!" - Armin Metzger, Managing Director of the German Testing Board e.V. (GTB)

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Michael Mlynarski Portrait

Interview with Michael Mlynarski

"We need healthy curiosity, courage and openness! Nostalgia about past decades and classic images of test management will not help us!" - Michael Mlynarski, Founder and Managing Director of QualityMinds GmbH

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Interview with Robin Van

"It is becoming more and more important to move away from the simple tasks that can be automated and to address the more complex problems." - Robin Van, Quality Specialist at OTTO

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Interview with Thomas Karl

"Software has become an integral part of our lives. Quality is the central requirement here." - Thomas Karl, Head of Quality Transformation Services and Thought Leadership Portfolio Lead of Software Engineering DACH

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Interview with Wolfgang Platz

"As a test manager in the future, you need to understand how DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes & Co basically work!" - Wolfgang Platz, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Tricentis

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