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Become a testing professional: discover how to increase the efficiency and quality of your software projects.

My ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level seminar enables you to apply software testing techniques and rethink quality in your software development:

  • All the basics: test planning, test levels, test methods, test automation,...
  • Practical: over 20 years of practical experience with many examples, exercises and transfer tasks for your own everyday working life 
  • Certification: The content is the ideal preparation for ISTQB certification

Result: More software quality, better tests and perfect exam preparation

How the ISTQB Foundation Level takes you further

The language of
software testing

The ISTQB has been setting the standard for software testing for over 20 years. This means that it is clear in your projects what a system testing is, what equivalence class formation means and what you can do with keyword-driven testing.


Almost 1 million certificates have now been issued in over 130 countries. Certification is now mandatory in many job advertisements for quality and testing. And it gives more freedom and potential on the job market.

Practical &
Suitable for everyday use

I back up the ISTQB theoretical content with many practical examples and exercises from my everyday project work. And there is enough room in the seminar to discuss and solve your everyday situations.


Lifelong learning is essential today - books, seminars, training courses or workshops bring and more knowledge. But at the end of the day, people learn from people. Use the group of participants and my expertise to solve your challenges.

This content awaits you

1. basics

  • What do "testing" and "quality" actually mean and why are they so important today?
  • What are the tasks of a tester?
  • When is an error an error?

2. software development and testing

  • How do you test in the different project types (agile, waterfall,...)?
  • What is the difference between unit tests, integration tests and acceptance tests?
  • What is behind the test pyramid and test quadrant models?

3. static and dynamic testing

  • What added value do static analysis tools such as Sonarqube and co. offer?
  • How do reviews work and how can I implement them in everyday life?
  • How do I create good test cases? 

4. test planning and conception

  • What do I need to consider when planning a test?
  • How can I estimate the cost of testing?
  • How does proper error management work?

5. test tools and test automation

  • How do I benefit from testing tools?
  • Where does test automation make sense?
  • Which testing tools should I definitely use?
Isob-accredited training provider.
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Training on the job

A man stands in front of a room full of people.
"Testing is like clicking around - only more blatant" - Richard Seidl

Ernst Ferstl said: "The difference between theory and practice is far greater in practice than in theory." This is also the case with the ISTQB. Putting it into practice is not always easy. That is why it is important to me to include many practical examples from my projects in the seminar and to solve the everyday challenges of the participants with the ISTQB method kit.

I offer the ISTQB seminar in various forms so that it can be integrated into everyday working life in the best possible way. A few examples

  • Classroom training or online training
  • Training in German or English possible
  • 1x4 days or 2x2 days
  • or as a 12-week "Training on the job" program with accompanying group support from me

What participants say about my training courses

"Richie knows how to present even complex issues in an exciting and entertaining way. This makes the content easy to remember and integrate into everyday life."

Holger Stridde


"Richard Seidl manages to flexibly balance professionalism and emotional depth in his training courses in a pleasantly relaxed manner, depending on the context.
He inspires and motivates with his confident, open-minded and friendly charisma."

Katrin Brackmann


"Always fun to work with Richie, great input, great training."

Mirko Skodzig


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