Mastering challenges, setting goals and achieving them.

Sometimes it is only a small step, a change of perspective, a new thought or a changed behavior that has the decisive impact on goals, conflicts or challenges. In coaching, we accompany you on this path:

  • Solution-oriented: Problem thinking leads to problems. The focus on solutions leads to solutions. And importantly: tailored, specific solutions instead of pigeonhole thinking.
  • Efficient: Without digressions quickly and confidentially to the result.
  • Implementation: Coaching is a process and only successful when a path emerges after reflection and concrete steps follow declarations of intent.
Management trainee coach Richard Seidl

"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem." - Captain Jack Sparrow

Typical topics for coaching


The crux of goals often starts with formulating what your goals are and what really motivates you. Where do you want to go or should your company develop? And once the goal is clear, it still has to be implemented.


Whether you call them challenges or workwear opportunities, problems prevent us from moving forward and living and working the way we want to. No other label will help; solutions are needed.


The path to the digital society is not easy for managers and employees. While we've never had such direct and easy access to technology and innovation, all of these opportunities also present significant challenges.

Agile leadership

Agility as an attitude that helps to get the most out of a situation through self-organization, courage, trial and error, and openness. Reflection and self-actualization enable flexible adaptation and continuous growth.


Richard Seidl explains a Kanban Board

Agile Coaching

Finding your own agile path into the digital future is a mega topic for companies today. An agile coach supports teams in building the necessary mindset, learning the tools and aligning the compass to the future. 

Business Coach Richard Seidl

business coaching

Whether self-employed or employed. Our profession has a massive impact on our lives. Accordingly, it is important to master challenges along the way, to resolve conflicts, and to define and achieve goals.

Executive Coach Richard Seidl

executive coaching

Are you an entrepreneur, manager or executive? Executive Coaching supports you concretely in questions of leadership, strategy and goal achievement. Without blah-blah efficiently focused on your success and your goals.  

What our customers say

"There are many excellent coaches and consultants in the field of Digitalization and Agile. But what sets Richard apart is his approach. I have found him to be someone who is able to build bridges between people, speak the language of IT people but also managers. He brings new ideas to the table and implements them, but makes sure the goal is clear beforehand."

Jiri Siklar

Director of Sales DACH&CEE

"Likeable coach and trainer with extensive expertise and a feel for people"

Holger Stridde

IT Consultant & Senior Project Manager

"Primary contact for me on the subject of Digitalization. Richard has a unique approach to Digitalization. He combines his knowledge of technology and software with empathy and humanity, and therefore manages to present complex topics in an understandable way and show solutions that you hadn't thought of before."

Uwe Stengert

Tax consultancy

Master your challenges and achieve your goals. For more ease, better relationships and more success.