Richard Seidl Agility Expert

Richard Seidl is an expert in the areas of Digitalization, agility and software engineering. As a consultant, coach and speaker, he works with renowned companies, including Volkswagen, OTTO, Raiffeisen International and other well-known large companies, as well as with respected small and medium-sized businesses. He has shared his experiences in now 6 professional books, many professional articles and lectures.
He has been fascinated by computers since his childhood, when the Internet was still a long way off. He turned this passion into a profession, working as a software developer in the shallows of programs and websites. With the advent of agile methods in the early 2000s, he acquired his coaching skills and thus today combines both worlds: Technology & Humanity. Clients, participants and listeners appreciate this unique combination and the ease with which he conveys complex topics in a simple and entertaining way.

"Richard brings Silicon Valley to Germany"

Chris Ball


"Richie knows how to present even complex issues in an exciting and entertaining way. This makes the content easy to remember and integrate into everyday life."

Holger Stridde


"...He impressed the participants with his presentation and provided many new impulses...."

Lukas Linke

OTTO Group

My vision

"The Digitalization is not coming - it's already here!
I want to help create a fantastic future with technology AND humanity"

Richard Seidl

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Everyone is right

... at least a little bit. And in his world. Or to say it with the words of Niklas Luhmann: "It could also be completely different". Respecting this and putting yourself in the other person's shoes is not always easy. But it helps to be more relaxed, more appreciative and to accept people as they are.


Agility is an attitude

Agility as an attitude that helps to get the most out of a situation through self-organization, courage, trial and error, and openness. Reflection and self-actualization enable flexible adaptation and continuous growth.

Enthusiasm for technology

Technology with heart

Technology is the tool to shape our future. But only if we put people back at the centre. Technology as a medium, not an end in itself.


Experience - the basis of life

We live in a time of lifelong learning - be it from experiences, feedback, criticism, failures, successes, but also at school, from books, in seminars, trainings or workshops. Ultimately, however, we learn from people - and people from us.

Certificates and trainings

Richard Seidl explains a Kanban Board
NLP teaching trainer
Certified Master Coach
ISTQB certified
  • Systemic coach according to the value balanced concept
  • NLP teaching trainer, DVNLP
  • MasterCoach, DVNLP
  • Certified hypnotist
  • iSQI Certified Agile Essentials
  • iSQI Certified Agile Business Analyst
  • iSQI Certified Agile Tester (CAT)
  • QAMP - Quality Assurance Management Professional
  • CMAP Certified Mobile App Tester - Foundation Level
  • ECQA Certified Innovation Manager
  • ECQA Certified E-Learning Manager
  • ISTQB Certified Tester - Full Advanced Level
  • ISTQB Certified Tester - Advanced Level - Test Manager
  • ISTQB Certified Tester - Advanced Level - Technical Test Analyst
  • ISTQB Certified Tester - Advanced Level - Test Analyst
  • ISTQB Certified Tester - Advanced Level - Test Automation Engineer
  • ISTQB Certified Tester - Foundation Level
  • ISTQB Certified Tester - Foundation Level Extension Agile Tester
  • ISTQB Certified Tester - Foundation Level Extension Model-Based Tester
  • IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Foundation Level

Partners and memberships

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Personal - Like the course of life

Richard Seidl IT Consultant

1980 - Born in beautiful Vienna and grew up there - with Lego, Märklin, Gameboy and Nintento NES.

1989 - My first own PC (a 286 with 80MB hard disk). My father (programmer at HP, at that time still pioneer work) enables me in the future to let off steam with technology and encourages my curiosity, my joy of experimenting and my thirst for knowledge.

1994 - My first modem and thus access to the wide world - which was still quite small at that time. Mailboxes, Fido-Net and Compuserve - and a touch of the Internet.  

1996 - Pilot access to the Internet via telecable. With unimaginable speed at that time, off we go into the net. I develop my first websites and join my father as managing partner - SEICON EDV GmbH.

1999 - first programming jobs at a bank, website development for small companies

2003 - More focus on software quality and requirements engineering. First agile projects. In summer my father dies unexpectedly, besides winding up his other companies I continue to run SEICON.

2005 - A large software testing project for the Free State of Saxony starts in Dresden. I break down my tents in Vienna, liquidate SEICON and move to Dresden. First presentations at conferences and congresses.

2006 - My first book "Der system testing" is published by HANSER Verlag. Further projects follow in the logistics and banking industry. First coaching assignments and further lectures and keynotes.

2010 - My second book "Software in Zahlen" is published by HANSER Verlag. I move on to Potsdam and accept a position in a medical technology company. There I lead the testing department and introduce agile processes.

2011 - My daughter is born, to whom I now devote a lot of attention. At the same time, I start my first coaching trainings. My third book "Basiswissen Testautomatisierung" is published by dpunkt Verlag.

2012 - My fourth book "Der integration testing" is published by HANSER Verlag.

2013 - I give my first lecture at the TU Dresden. Book number five "Agile Testing" is published by HANSER Verlag and book number six "Softwareevolution" by dpunkt Verlag.

2014 - I intensify in my trainings towards coaching and personal development. In my projects I start to combine my professional skills with more empathy and change coaching.

2016 - First eBooks on agility and software. Admission to the International Coach Federation and to Gerald Hüther's Academy for Potential Development.

2018 - Relocation to Essen. 

2019 - Admission to the German Speaker Association. Tech trips to Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hong Kong.