Podcast Software Testing

Software quality is more important today than ever!

  • Which tests are useful and sufficient?
  • When is the use of test automation worthwhile?
  • What does good integration testing look like?
  • Testing everything is not possible: How much quality is enough?

Issues relevant to software development - Development projects are becoming increasingly complex. Networking, artificial intelligence and machine learning are challenging classic software testing methods. Users also have ever greater expectations in terms of usability, performance and functionality.

Experts from different disciplines of software development share their experiences with you in the podcast "Software Testing" and give you current tips and trends to significantly increase the quality in your software projects.

Software Testing is the podcast for all developers, testers and project managers who want actionable tips and hacks to improve software quality in their projects.

Are you ready for the next quality boost in your software project? Then listen to the first episode now!

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Software testing with Johannes Bergmann focuses on ensuring software quality.

The Software Quality Days have been around for 15 years now. It all started in Vienna, my home town - with an idea. The first conference was already successful, and so it grew. Corona hasn't stopped here either, but SWQD has recovered quickly.

Software tests with Tobias Kraftf and Marc Hauer to ensure fairness.

Artificial intelligence should support people. Whether that's counting screws in a factory or assisting the head physician during a complicated operation. However, these different areas of application place enormously different demands on AI. The ethical principles are also different around the world.

Software testing with Nikhil Barthwal.

Properties based testing is a method that checks constant output properties and complements traditional test strategies. This technique is particularly suitable for complex and microservices-based systems, as it enables a large number of inputs to be checked.

Gruene Software tests with Therese Kuffs.

The topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Software development and testing can be quite big resource guzzlers. However, it is often the small contributions to sustainability that have a big impact overall.

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