Software quality is more important today than ever!

  • Which tests are useful and sufficient?
  • When is the use of test automation worthwhile?
  • What does good integration testing look like?
  • Testing everything is not possible: How much quality is enough?

Issues relevant to software development - Development projects are becoming increasingly complex. Networking, artificial intelligence and machine learning are challenging classic software testing methods. Users also have ever greater expectations in terms of usability, performance and functionality.

Experts from different disciplines of software development share their experiences with you in the podcast "Software Testing" and give you current tips and trends to significantly increase the quality in your software projects.

Software Testing is the podcast for all developers, testers and project managers who want actionable tips and hacks to improve software quality in their projects.

Are you ready for the next quality boost in your software project? Then listen to the first episode now!

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We take a trip into the world of test intelligence, coverage profiling and test gap analysis. How do you analyze development and test artifacts to efficiently identify defects? How do you evaluate the discrepancy between expected and actual results? And how do you build it all into the pipeline?

Behavior Driven Development, or BDD, is a powerful framework, but one that is often misunderstood or misapplied. It is based on clear communication and precision that can convince even the most skeptical managers. But BDD is more than just a method - it is a tool for creating precise requirements and translating them into code. Andreas lets us share his experiences and at the end gives valuable tips for the application and also the integration into the team.

The ISTQB certification "Certified Tester Foundation Level" (CTFL) provides the basics that a tester needs. But over the years the working world changed, working environments and requirements became more complex. The CTFL was criticized for not taking these new circumstances into account. A lot of volunteer hard work, time and passion went into the redevelopment.

Software testing with Jan Lessner, led by Tests.

Does an isolated small unit test really do us any good? There are multiple ways of automated testing, and sometimes you need to deviate from theory to maintain quality. Tools like Cypress, Selenium, etc. can be challenging for developers. That's where the GBT (Guided By Tests) approach offers advantages. Jan consistently thinks along the lines of "what's the developer's job?" and provokes with his statement, "Ditch mocking!" - for good reason.

Software testing with Andreas Splinner, a testing pioneer.

Who doesn't know him? His book is practically required reading in software testing. But there were also other times. When Andreas was a student, software testing was not only uncommon, but almost frowned upon. But Andreas recognized the necessity and especially the importance of establishing a thoughtful, structured approach to software testing.

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