"Past and future are stories we tell ourselves -
I'm all for happy endings!"

Richard Seidl

I support you and your company on the way to the digital future!

Digitization expert Richard Seidl

Successful Digitalization needs people,
technology and agility 


Agile Consultant Richard Seidl


Over 20 years of experience in software development, technology and change processes have shaped his personal growth. This wealth of knowledge, together with his uniquely level-headed and appreciative manner, makes Richard Seidl a valuable consultant and companion.

Business Coach Richard Seidl


Understanding people and accompanying them in translating their visions into coherent goals and realizing them. Nothing is gained with the best declarations of intent. In change processes, the first step counts. Coaching with substance, personality and competence.

Keynote Speaker Digital Transformation Richard Seidl


The world is teeming with knowledge. Media such as the Internet, books, seminars, YouTube... the art now lies in asking the right questions and finding relevant impulses. This is exactly what Richard Seidl does in his lectures: pointed, understandable and full of ideas.



Technology is the tool to shape our future. But only if we put people back at the centre. Technology as a medium, not an end in itself.


Agility is not a rigid framework, but a mindset. It is about creating awareness that constant change is an invitation to improve and adapt.


Innovation arises in cooperation, in debate and in the permission to think outside the box. A spirit and a culture that can be specifically promoted.


We live in a time of lifelong learning - be it from experiences, feedback, criticism, failures, successes, as well as school, books, seminars, trainings or workshops. But the bottom line is that people learn from people.