Expertise, empathy and inspiration

Corporate and project success need a clear vision. In order to approach upcoming steps competently, professional expertise and consulting makes the decisive difference. With over 20 years of experience in software development, agility and change processes, we support you in your project.

  • Results-oriented: Problem thinking leads to problems. The focus on solutions leads to solutions. And importantly: tailored, specific results instead of pigeonhole thinking.
  • Efficient: resource-saving and fast to the destination.
  • State-of-the-Art: Trends and current results adapted to your company. 
Consulting digital transformation

"We can't change the wind, but we can change the sails!"



There are tons of blueprints and best practices out there. The challenge is to select, adapt and implement the right ones for your business. 

Organizational development

Your employees, with all their know-how, enthusiasm and ideas, are the essential core of your company. This makes it all the more important to involve them intensively in the company's change processes and to accompany them.

digital transformation

We have long been living in a digital society. Sitting out and ignoring it doesn't work; we have to embrace change. As active shapers of the future, we have a fantastic world ahead of us. But we have to want it.

Software and technology

How can software and technology be used to support your business processes? Is it more expedient to develop software yourself and if so: how? Or is the use of cloud services a better alternative?


Agile Transformation Richard Seidl


A little Scrum or Kanban is not enough. In order to fully exploit the advantages of agility, professional support and guidance is needed on several levels. Only in this way can the agile mindset establish itself in the company.

software engineering


If you want to create excellent software today, you have to think holistically about the development process: people, methods, tools and mindset. With state-of-the-art concepts and processes, your software development will be faster, more powerful and more successful.

Quality as an attitude


In the perfect software development process, software quality becomes the attitude of the entire team. This change process is accompanied by topics such as test automation, static analysis, code quality and test case creation.

What our customers say

"On the way to optimizing our test processes in the agile environment, Richard Seidl supported us with his expertise in exactly the right places. His years of experience in software development and his agile mindset provided the impetus and ideas that enabled us to take a big step forward."

Tilo Auräth

Head of UX Architecture & Development

"I have learned a lot about agile working from Richard. What I appreciate about Richard Seidl, besides his outstanding expert knowledge, is his fine sense of humor. As a trainer and consultant definitely an asset"

Sebastian Heilmann

Consultant for Conception and Innovation

"An incredible (technical) knowledge paired with the art of creative mediation. I have rarely seen someone who presents complicated issues to the layman as well as the expert in an equally interesting way. Serious when required - entertaining when appropriate, but Richie always has the right feel for the staff."

Diana Lammerts

creative strategist

Leverage our subject matter expertise from over 20 years of software development, agility and digital transformation.