November 23, 2023

Low and no-code platforms have become increasingly popular in recent years. At least in the media. There is a wide range of opinions about them: from "old wine in new bottles" to "the software revolution".

August 24, 2023

Can you still remember the 3D printing hype? There was a time when everyone was talking about how in the future we'd just order blueprints online and simply print our toothbrushes, spare parts, shoes and food. And? Well, I don't have one. Most people in my circle don't have one. And those who do have one don't use it to print a schnitzel. But that doesn't mean that the technology hasn't caught on. 3D printing is mature and in productive use in dental technology, industry and mechanical engineering.

June 8, 2023

Right now I'm sitting on flight UAL181 from Frankfurt to Denver to take part in a retreat. And I realize once again how important safety and security are. On my way from the hotel to the parking garage, to the check-in and the security check, then to the passport and customs control, into the plane and then all the way back again. Everywhere I go, I am recorded with software, scanned, tracked, managed, passed on and transported. Yes, I would like to make sure that nothing happens to me AND that my data is safe. The airline industry has been in business for a long time. The processes are clear and have been tightened up by various events. My trust in safety here is very high to high.

May 16, 2023

I have been accompanying teams and companies on their agile journey for many years now. But it is still a wonderful moment every time when these historically grown walls between roles and professions are torn down and a real boost in collaboration and productivity is created.

8 April 2021

Alternative approaches to testing a data warehouse system (DWH) Conventional testing of operational information systems involves testers sitting at a screen workstation and operating the user interfaces. They provide input, start a transaction and check the results. Each transaction is a test case. The same is true for Internet systems, which are transaction-oriented. For this type system testing simulates the

April 5, 2021

Different system types place different demands on successful test automation. Among other things, they determine the automation approach and also limit the possible tools. Desktop applications For a long time, pure desktop applications were the only thing that could be automated. They usually consist only of software and do not communicate with other systems. Therefore, they hardly have to consider boundary conditions and interfaces, and

1 April 2021

Introduction of test automation in a company is done step by step at best. This serves to adapt the techniques and tools to the needs in the company. But also to adapt the processes and, in particular, to align the expectations in the company with the possibilities of test automation. In practice, an introduction in 3 basic phases has proven successful for us, which are

29 March 2021

The agile transformation brings challenges with it. After many software testing projects that we have accompanied, there are nevertheless a few typical problems that occur again and again, despite all the individuality. And also a few factors that positively influence and accelerate the transformation. Problem #1: Limitation to the test Agile approach creates transparency. And this is how defects

25 March 2021

Test automation aims to increase the efficiency of any test activity. Already during test design, there are different types of test automation that follow different approaches: Capture & Replay Script-based Data-driven Keyword-driven Model-based With each stage, the demand on the test design also increases. Techniques such as Capture & Replay deliver faster results, but keyword- or model-based techniques deliver lasting