Richard Seidl - Quality as an attitude 

 March 24, 2023

This podcast episode is about software quality and how to live it in the team. There are three success factors: The first is the use of the basics, i.e. the application of test levels and types, the use of test case design methods and static analyses. The second is test automation at all levels of software development. The third is quality as an attitude of the whole team, which is responsible for implementing the necessary testing activities - regardless of the role in the team.

"If you automate crap, you have crap - only faster" - Richard Seidl

Richie is an expert in software quality and agility and a passionate optimist for the future. As a consultant, coach and mentor, he supports corporations, startups and SMEs on their way to more quality in their software. He has seen a lot of software in his professional career: good and bad, big and small, new and old. Software so beautiful that you could cry, and also software that makes your toenails curl. For him, it's clear that if you want to create excellent software today, you have to think about the development process holistically: people, context, methods and tools - only when everything works together does a mindset for potential development and innovation emerge.He shares his experiences in several specialist books, articles and lectures.

Topics in the podcast:

  • What does software quality mean and how do I achieve quality?
  • The test basics
  • (Test) Automation
  • Quality as an overall responsibility in the team

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