Mariusz Smoliński - Contract-Based Testing 

 May 23, 2023

Mariusz is an expert in Contract-Based Testing. In this interview we talk about what CBT is all about, how it solves annoying problems at integration testing and how it works in general. Mariusz shows us what consumer and producer are all about, which framework he uses and lists typical pitfalls that this way of testing brings with it.

"All the interactions are mocked and a ready implementation is not needed at the point" - Mariusz Smoliński

Mariusz has been working in the IT industry for over 12 years. He started as an IT Service Desk employee in support projects for German customers in banking, industry and public sector. Almost 4 years later he switched to testing, and that's where he has stayed until today.
In England and Germany he has ensured software quality in various projects in different industries. His favorite way to work is agile. Privately, he is involved with iOs developments, among other things.

Topics in the podcast:

  •  What is Contract-Based Testing?
  •  How does Contract-Based Testing work?
  •  Known CBT frameworks
  •  How should contract-based tests be classified?
  •  What are typical pitfalls?

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