17 May 2021

Last week, I was invited to participate in a podcast interview on the topic of agility and future technologies. The conversation quickly wrapped around the idea that agile is the solution to meet the challenges of the future. Oh. Strong statement that I'd like to give space to today.

29 March 2021

The agile transformation brings challenges with it. After many software testing projects that we have accompanied, there are nevertheless a few typical problems that occur again and again, despite all the individuality. And also a few factors that positively influence and accelerate the transformation. Problem #1: Limitation to the test Agile approach creates transparency. And this is how defects

22 March 2021

Do you still need test management in agile project? Is a test manager necessary in agile testing? I get asked these questions again and again. My answer is quite clear: It depends. Namely, on which tasks one needs from this role in the team and considers helpful. And who can take over these things in the team. The ISTQB defines

21 February 2021

Agile is popping up in a variety of contexts and media today and has become hype. Many companies want to work agilely in order to become more efficient, resilient and flexible and to promote innovation. But is that the idea behind it?

October 1, 2018

Agility permeates the everyday life of development departments. Where it is not yet practiced, it is being introduced. But what does the change from conventional to agile development approaches look like? What are the pitfalls and how does it change quality assurance, especially testing? What are the consequences for familiar roles in testing? It's obvious,

May 25, 2015

One of the causes of failed software projects is the transformation of the users' wishes and ideas into the technical implementation. Requirements engineering starts here and tries to transform the user's ideas into technical requirements for the application.

June 26, 2012

Experience of a medical device manufacturer After 25 years of developing medical devices and software for cardiology diagnostics and ambulatory monitoring of vital signs in high-risk patients, we have developed a consistent and complete quality management system for our company.