The new ISTQB CTFL 4.0 - Stephanie Ulrich 

 September 14, 2023

"Our goal is that we bring two worlds together: the world of the classic, traditional waterfall and V-model and the world of agile" - Stephanie Ulrich

The ISTQB certification "Certified Tester Foundation Level" (CTFL) provides the basics that a tester needs. But over the years the working world changed, working environments and requirements became more complex. The CTFL was criticized for not taking these new circumstances into account. A lot of volunteer diligence, time and passion went into the redevelopment. The result was the new CTFL 4.0, which has been available in English since April 2023 and, as of today, is also available in German, complete with sample test and glossary.

Stephanie Ulrich has been involved in software testing for over 25 years. Professionally, she started as a programmer, but then quickly switched to quality management with a focus on testing. She worked for a long time as a project and test manager in a major German bank, and after their move to the agile world, she took on the role of Scrum Master there. She has been a member of the German Testing Board (GTB) since 2004, where she leads the Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) working group, and in 2020 she took over the deputy leadership of the CTFL working group in the ISTQB®.

Topics in the podcast:

  • Reasons for the new edition of the Foundation Level from the ISTQB
  • The development of the CTFL 4.0
  • How the German version was created
  • What distinguishes the new Foundation Level from the old one
  • The Future of the Extension "Agile Tester
  • Is my "old" Foundation Level certificate still valid now?
  • Opinions on CTFL 4.0


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