Test Intelligence - Elmar Jürgens 

 September 26 2023

"We did a study ourselves once to see whether we as developers really manage to cover the functionality in the developer tests" - Elmar Jürgens

We take a trip into the world of test intelligence, coverage profiling and test gap analysis. How do you analyze development and test artifacts to efficiently identify defects? How do you evaluate the discrepancy between expected and actual results? And how do you build it all into the pipeline? Analysis tools promise continuous improvements in test quality and efficiency. But what's behind them?

Dr. Elmar Jürgens received his doctorate on static code analysis and was awarded the Software Engineering Prize of the Ernst Denert Foundation for his doctoral thesis. He is co-founder of CQSE GmbH and has been helping teams improve their quality assurance and testing processes for ten years. Elmar speaks regularly at research and industry conferences and has received several awards for his presentations. In 2015, he was named a Junior Fellow of the Gesellschaft für Informatik.

Topics in the podcast:

  • What is Test Intelligence?
  • Representation of the test execution
  • How do coverage profilers monitor testing?
  • How instrumentation affects the runtime
  • Test Gap Analysis
  • Integration into own pipeline
  • Change management for analysis tools
  • What does the future hold?


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More links:

  • CQSE Homepage
  • Our free online lectures, often with participation from customers who talk about their experiences with test intelligence analysis

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