Sociable Tests - Jan Lessner 

 September 12, 2023

"Martin Fowler (...) talks about the fact that the developers are responsible for what we call unit tests. And that we have a distinction there, once in what he calls 'Isolated Unit Testing' and the other he calls 'Sociable Unit Testing'" - Jan Leßner

Does an isolated small unit test really do us any good? There are multiple ways of automated testing, and sometimes you need to deviate from theory to maintain quality. Tools like Cypress, Selenium, etc. can be challenging for developers. That's where the GBT (Guided By Tests) approach offers advantages. Jan consistently thinks along the lines of "what's the developer's job?" and provokes with his statement, "Ditch mocking!" - for good reason.

Jan Leßner is a software developer, architect and systems analyst at S&N Invent. He is a book author and Java programmer from the beginning and is involved in various open source frameworks. For more than 10 years, he has been involved in enterprise projects focusing on financial statement analysis, loyalty programs and telecommunications. There he is not only involved in the actual development, but also in building an elegant software engineering.

Podcast topics

  • What are the options for automated testing?
  • Where to deviate from theory to maintain quality
  • Why Selenium, Cypress, etc. can be challenging for developers
  • Advantages of GBT / The importance of the right framework BEFORE testing.
  • Design before test
  • "Dump Mocking!"
  • Tips for getting started with Sociable Tests


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