Maud Schlich - Reviews 

 May 2, 2023

Maud Schlich is an expert in reviews. In this interview, we talk about different types of reviews and reading techniques. Among other things, we discuss how we can ensure the quality of documents at a high level, which roles are assigned in a review, and how reviews can be conducted in a way that values the author. With a few practical examples, Maud shows us how reviews can be established in a company and how even strict bosses can be convinced of reviews 😉

"The quality of the document remains the responsibility of the author" - Maud Schlich

She started her professional career in 1991 as a system programmer and trainer. In 1996, she changed sides and took care of the execution of tests and reviews in quality assurance.
Since the end of 2004, Maud has been self-employed. Her main focus is the sustainable coaching of test managers, QA teams and agile development teams. Maud has been a member of the German Testing Board (GTB) since 2007 and is the author of the book Softwaretesten nach ISTQB® für dummies® and co-author of the book Reviews in der System- und Softwareentwicklung.

Topics in the podcast:

  • What are reviews?
  • different review types
  • Role allocation in the team
  • What's in favor of reviews?
  • typical pitfalls
  • The role of AI in the review future.

Maud website

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