Gamification put to the test - Dehla Sokenou, Baris Güldali 

 September 5, 2023

"As children, we (...) learn through play, and as adults, we also learn through play. That means if I use gamification approaches where the developers and testers can learn from each other (...) then it sticks much better." - Dehla Sokenou, Baris Güldali

Gamification describes a playful way of working together. And it can also be implemented in software development and testing. The field is wide-ranging: from board games to competitive games - there are so many possibilities. Dehla and Baris talk about their experiences with gamification, what it brings and where you should be careful that the fun doesn't run into the opposite.

Dr.-Ing. Dehla Sokenou received her doctorate in 2005 from the TU Berlin on UML-based testing. She feels at home in all phases of software development, but continues to focus on all topics related to quality assurance and testing. At WPS, she works as a test and quality manager as well as a software architect. In addition, she is the spokesperson for the GI specialist group Test, Analysis and Verification of Software (TAV) and on the spokesperson committee of the Innovative Test Methods working group.

Dr. Baris Güldali is a professionally networked method expert for classical and agile software development with a focus on "agile transformation" and "continuous quality assurance". His focus is on teaching suitable methods, their deployment and supporting project team members in the application of methods. His deep technical knowledge is based on extensive, practical experience in quality management and various research activities. In addition to his professional activities, he is a member of the steering committee of the Test, Analysis and Verification of Software (TAV) specialist group in the Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI e.V.).

Topics in the podcast:

  • What does gamification mean in the test and what does it bring?
  • Bingo Bongo Sessions
  • Risk Storming
  • Maturity Poker
  • The right competition design
  • Stumbling blocks and general conditions


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