A view from the outside - Katrin Brackmann 

 November 7, 2023

"Then you start running and testing something, and then, unfortunately too late, you realize - in coaching we call it a map change - that you've suddenly changed levels." - Katrin Brackmann

Katrin is an artist, coach and communication designer, and has also been my partner for several years. While my listeners and I are right in the thick of things, today Katrin takes a look at software testing from the outside. Because she is also involved in software testing. After all, she has been working with a software tester for 6 years. So she sees many parallels to the coaching profession and she sheds light on my passion - the podcast - as an outsider.

Katrin Brackmann studied at the Folkwang Academy of the Arts in Essen. She has created numerous internet presences for well-known companies and federal ministries and was one of the pioneers of the digital awakening at the beginning of 2000. Her training in cognitive science (reality construction, psychology) is now incorporated into her work as an artist. "We do not see things as they are, but as we are." This quote from the Talmud describes well the attitude with which Brackmann explores the boundaries of perception and world views in her pictures. 

Topics in the podcast:

  • How is software testing seen from the outside?
  • Tester Skills
  • Overlaps between testers and coaches
  • Motivation for the podcast
  • The importance of errors


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