E2E Test Automation Framework Selection - Mesut Durukal 

 April 16, 2024

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"I live in japan and in that area especially safari as browser usage is very high. because people love using iOS and MacOS systems. So the most of the traffic is coming from safari. And then I figured out, the tool that we were using is not support exhibit test cases on safari" - Mesut Durukal

Test automation is important. This saves us an incredible amount of work and we make faster progress. But the framework and the tools need to be carefully considered. You know my favorite quote: "If you automate crap, you have crap - only faster" - that doesn't help anyone. And that's why the requirements have to be very clear. These differ not only from system to system, but also regionally, as Mesut explains to us using a real-life example. He lives in Japan and gave us an insight into the modernization of his framework after coming across some inconsistencies.

Mesut has over 15 years of experience in areas such as industrial automation, IoT, cloud services and defense industry, complemented by his expertise in test automation and CI/CD integration. He has held multiple roles in multinational projects including Quality Owner and Hiring Manager and is well versed in CMMI, Scrum & PMP. As a recognized speaker on international stages and winner of the award for the best presentation, he is also involved in various program committees.

Highlights of this episode:

  • Mesut Durukal spricht über seine Erfahrungen bei der Auswahl eines End-to-End-Testautomatisierungsframeworks
  • Mesut stellte fest, dass das vorhandene Tool nicht alle benötigten Browser unterstützte, insbesondere Safari, der in Japan, wo er ansässig ist, beliebt ist
  • Er führte eine Benchmarking-Studie durch, bewertete Vor- und Nachteile, um das beste Framework für seine Bedürfnisse auszuwählen
  • Mesut betont die Wichtigkeit, die richtigen Werkzeuge auszuwählen, um alle Testanforderungen abzudecken
  • Letztendlich entschied er sich für Playwright für sein Projekt, betont aber, dass die Wahl von den spezifischen Projektanforderungen abhängt
  • Mesut diskutiert auch die Bedeutung von Architektur und Wiederverwendbarkeit in Testautomatisierungsumgebungen
  • Maschinelles Lernen kann beim Konvertieren von Spezifikationsdateien während eines Framework-Übergangs helfen
  • Kontinuierliche Bewertung und Verbesserung von Werkzeugen und Praktiken sind in der Testautomatisierung unerlässlich


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Evaluating E2E test automation frameworks: Mesut's insights into choosing the best tool

TLDR: Choosing the right end-to-end test automation framework is critical for effective quality assurance. The episode provides an in-depth discussion with Mesut about evaluating different frameworks, considering strengths and weaknesses, and making informed decisions based on specific project needs.

The need for effective test automation

Automation plays a crucial role in quality assurance by enabling comprehensive test coverage beyond manual capabilities. Mesut explains that choosing the right toolset is essential to ensure comprehensive testing on all required platforms.

The Safari browser dilemma

Mesut recalls his realization that the current tool could not test on Safari, a critical requirement due to high usage rates in Japan. This limitation prompted him to look for alternative frameworks that could fulfill this and other specific needs.

Benchmarking of framework alternatives

A methodical approach led Mesut to evaluate different frameworks by listing their pros and cons and prioritizing features based on their relevance to his project. Such careful benchmarking ultimately led him to select a framework that improved test automation capabilities.

A mixture of open source and paid functions

Mesut discusses how he navigated the mix of open source elements and paid features within various tools, highlighting how cost considerations influenced his decision-making process as he built an effective automation environment.

Consulting leads to comprehensive requirements

Combining personal experience with insights from product owners and developers, Mesut created a list of necessary features for his automation environment. He emphasizes that understanding stakeholder needs is key to determining the suitability of the framework.

Strengths and weaknesses

Each framework presented unique advantages - the reporting capabilities of Cypress, the speed of Playwright, the simplicity of Nightwatch - and disadvantages such as limited browser support or less community support. Mesut's narrative illustrates how these factors played into his final choice.

Architecture is important

Mesut emphasizes the importance of a well-structured architecture that facilitates an easy transition between frameworks and avoids unnecessary duplication of work. He shows how foresight in design can save time when making major changes.