Kamchatka - Adventure planned 

 16 October 2012

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A few weeks travelling at the easternmost end of Siberia, on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Even if the holiday is in a well-organized group with an experienced guide, nature, weather and conditions in Russia after the end of the communist era are a challenge. It is not yet a package holiday where good hotel, safe transport and certainly not the sight of bears or volcanic peaks can be guaranteed in advance. The author therefore compares the adventurous undertaking with the conditions that involuntary German prisoners of war had to endure in Russia after the Second World War. Kamchatka with its nature, its people, its overwhelming beauty, but also its economic and socio-political problems is brought close to the reader in a very personal way.

Authors: Helga Merkelbach, Richard Seidl (photos)

Publisher: Books on Demand

ISBN: 978-3-8482-2748-8

Edition: 1st edition

Available in bookshops and on Amazon

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