Flow = Mindset 

 15 June 2016

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Flow - the topic has been on my mind for a long time. I love to immerse myself in activities that I enjoy - whether privately or professionally. And to really get lost in it, to forget space and time, not only creates a feeling of happiness for me, but also gives my life more ease and lets me face many things more calmly. And last but not least, it is also a kind of strategy for me to actively work in this complex world and to take responsibility instead of just passively observing.

To reach this state again and again, I have installed many tools and helpers in my life. But much more important seems to me:

  1. A question of mindset: A new time management tool here, a bit of productivity there, and wellness once a month. Such selective changes are a start - but the topic only really takes off when it reflects the inner attitude. Yes, I would say: "Flow is a question of attitude".
  2. Willingness to change: Every new method, habit, tool or ritual also means getting out of your comfort zone at the beginning. And that takes courage and sometimes also a thick skin.
  3. Every life is different: what works for one person may fail for another. The only thing that helps is to try out what suits you.
  4. Nothing lasts forever: Due to the change, it can happen again and again that things you have grown to love no longer work. The only thing left to do is to reflect again and again, clean out and integrate new things.

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