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What is Executive Coaching?

Successful top entrepreneurs, executives and high-performance employees use executive coaching for reflection, to plan their next steps and for more clarity. In all the daily hustle and bustle, the coach helps to see the essentials and to align the compass again and again. In a 1:1 conversation he offers a change of perspective and the way to new solutions. Through methods and questions he helps to get to the next level, to develop and to grow. Just like in sports, the coach helps you to achieve your best performance and to surpass yourself. And to define your own goals and desires and to go the way there.

Management trainee coach Richard Seidl

Initial situation

As an entrepreneur or manager, you are confronted with countless challenges, conflicts and problems on a daily basis. On top of that, there are your personal and professional goals that you are pursuing. Typical topics are:

  • Complexity: You operate in a complex system of corporate goals, employees, customers and your own ideas. Clarity and balance in these areas cannot be taken for granted.
  • Your own development: What are your goals? What career steps are you about to take? In which direction would you like to develop? 
  • Leadership: The days of command & control are over. How can you live agile leadership? How do you deal with topics such as home office, new work and Digitalization in your everyday management?

Solution and benefit

In executive coaching, we create the space for you to reflect on and discuss these topics. As coaches, we are process facilitators who support you in developing your individual solution.

  • Solution-oriented: Problem thinking leads to problems. The focus on solutions leads to solutions. And importantly: tailor-made, specific solutions instead of pigeonhole thinking.
  • Efficient: Without digressions quickly and confidentially to the result.
  • Implementation: You don't need good advice, you need results.
"The problem is not the problem.
The problem is your attitude about the problem.
- Jack Sparrow

For whom is Executive Coaching suitable?

Executive Coaching is aimed at people in leadership positions: Entrepreneurs and business owners, board members, executives and members of management. Typical examples from practice:

  • Entrepreneurs who are working on the strategy of their company
  • Managers who are confronted with conflicts from within their team
  • Managers planning their next career steps
Entrepreneurial coach Richard Seidl

Advantages and benefits of an executive coach

More clarity

Your role means that you have tons of agendas on the table. This is where we create clarity and structure. So that you can concentrate on the important things.


We have access to knowledge in abundance. But an executive coach helps you to integrate, internalize and live it.

accomplish goals

As an entrepreneur or manager, you don't have one thing: a lot of time. This makes it all the more important to work out the fastest way to your goals and to accompany you on this path.

Eye level

 No superintendent-like advice, but also no obsequious pushing around. As a sparring partner, the executive coach acts at eye level.

What entrepreneurs and managers say

"I am very glad I chose the coaching path with Richard Seidl. Thank you so much for your unique empathic work."

healthcare entrepreneur

"There are many excellent coaches out there.
But what sets Richard apart is his approach. I have found him to be someone who is able to build bridges between people, to speak the language of managers. He brings new ideas to the table and implements them, but makes sure the goal is clear beforehand."

Senior Manager IT Group

"Richard is an extremely empathetic person who always brings expertise and helpful advice to the coaching process, helping to get the best out of the coaching."

Executive service company

Master your challenges and achieve your goals. For more ease, clarity and more success