Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching makes your digital transformation tangible. The Agile Coach accompanies your team and company to more success and flexibility.

What is Agile Coaching?

Finding your own agile path into the digital future is a big topic for companies today. In the process, agility - wrongly - regularly ends up in "bullshit bingo". It is often equated with methods such as Scrum or Kanban.
But it's about much more than methods and tools: Agility is an attitude. An agile coach helps a company and teams build that mindset, learn the tools, and align the compass to the future. Agile coaching creates a new culture based on values like courage, openness, transparency and appreciation. And this agile mindset is necessary to meet future challenges, to still be successful in the future and to attract talent as an attractive employer.

Agile Coach Richard Seidl at the Kanban Board

Initial situation

The company should be fit for the digital future. But instead, processes are becoming more and more cumbersome, customers and employees are dissatisfied, and innovative strength is waning.

  • Complexity: In the past, processes and projects were complicated but manageable. Planning, control and optimization were linear. But today, the corporate world is a complex system.
  • Overhead: Far too long meetings with far too many people involved. Bureaucratic, slow processes. Long decision-making processes. Lack of motivation. Like tankers, many companies react very slowly to changes in course.
  • Isolated solutions: A web shop or a digital business process do not make the organization fit for the future. Just as little as a lonely foosball table in the canteen or isolated Scrum or Kanban projects.

Solution and benefit

Agile transformation is a highly individual journey. There is no blueprint for choosing which agile methods fit the team, project or company. This makes it all the more important to involve the employees. The coach is a process facilitator who helps to lift the solution out of the team.

  • Efficient: More performance in projects and meetings
  • Holistic: No isolated solutions. Agility affects all areas and levels of the company.
  • Best Practices: Agile frameworks such as Scrum or Kanban offer many methods and tools. It is important to select and adapt those that fit your company.
"The problem is not the problem.
The problem is your attitude about the problem.
- Jack Sparrow

For whom is Agile Coaching suitable?

Agile Coaching is aimed at teams and companies that want to go down the path of this transformation. Typical examples from practice:

  • Change product development from classic project management to agile approach
  • Companies that want to improve collaboration between departments
  • Organizations that want to develop their products and services closer to the customer.
Entrepreneurial coach Richard Seidl

Advantages and benefits of an Agile Coach

More clarity

Create transparency and improve communication. This creates the basis for targeted collaboration across departmental boundaries


Create synergies with agility and better use and integrate the strengths of the individuals. Thus lifting the treasure within your own company. 


Give room to new thoughts and ideas. Use new methods to establish the innovation spirit of startups in your own company.


Increase self-responsibility and invite employees to help shape the process. This is how change becomes sustainable.

What entrepreneurs and managers say

"On the way to optimizing our test processes in the agile environment, Richard Seidl supported us with his expertise in exactly the right places. His years of experience in software development and his agile mindset provided the impetus and ideas that enabled us to take a big step forward."

Tilo Auräth - Head of UX Architecture & Development - GISA GmbH

"Richard Seidl is a great personality! In addition to the incredible expertise he undoubtedly possesses, he manages to connect people with themselves and their challenges in a humorous and emotional way. Yet he is results oriented. I have gained many valuable insights from working with him and can only heartily recommend him."

Sven Lorenz - Business Consultant & Asset Manager

"Richard is an incredibly authentic and empathetic coach. He responds to the needs of the participants on an individual basis. A true expert when it comes to Digitalization ."

Niklas Petersen - Entrepreneur

Design your individual, agile way into the digital age!